A Young Man’s Wisdom is a poignant and touching memoir that incites self-reflection in the reader, despite gender or race.
— Missy, PA

Excerpt from A Young Man's Wisdom:

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"There’s a line in Superman where Lois is falling from a building and Superman swoops down to catch her. He says, "Easy Miss. I’ve got you." Her response is logical: "You’ve got me? Who’s got you?" It occurred to me not long ago that my teaching my son to be a man is much like Superman catching Lois. I was left here by my father, to do what good I may see fit to do. Infinite abilities with no model to observe in order to know the right paths to choose. Unlike Superman, though, I have no crystals in my bedroom that might shed light on the path that lay ahead of me. I am teaching my son to be a man, and yet, who taught me?

That is not to say that I was never taught a single thing. Quite the opposite is true. I vividly remember the little tidbits of wisdom my father attempted to impart to my brother and I. How to fight honorably (the fight isn’t over until you’ve won); how to respect your mother (pummel anyone who speaks against her); family comes first (if you’re brother’s in the back alley fighting, you’d best go out and help). These are all lessons I remember my father teaching. Still, my father died when he was only 31 years old. As I reached, and then passed that age myself, a couple of profound truths hit me. First, I realized that I hadn’t truly started to understand life until well into my thirties. My newfound wisdom only convinced me that I didn't know much at all. Second, I realized that if this first fact were true, then it would also stand to reason that my father, in all his infinite wisdom, didn’t know all that much about manhood himself when he died. The lessons I remember him teaching me were the lessons of a man in his late twenties who had lived his youth on the mean streets of Pittsburgh. It suddenly occurred to me that I had outgrown my father’s lessons; I had been living on a young man’s wisdom."